Pardon the mess and general starkness! I am no good with the fancy codes.

-If you'd like to trade with me, go ahead and post right in the card post below this one!


Collecting decks: No trading.
Future decks: I will trade for any cards from the decks listed here.
Keeping cards: I'm holding these for future decks, so no trading! (Unless I'm the one who offers first.)
Trading cards: All tradable- even for decks I'm not collecting! If I have something you want, I'll help you out.
Held cards: These cards are pending trades or on hold for someone. Just ask if you'd like me to hold a card for you! I will rarely have a reason to say no.

*Apologies in advance: I for some reason cannot get alt text to work for the puzzle images, so sorry they're unlabeled. orz NEVERMIND, VIL IS BRILLIANT AND BEAUTIFUL